to many hopes, to many hates

from by waterweed



I want to disturb everything of your past.
Don't be afraid of my hand.
You are just like me.
You are just like my idol.
I broke this mirror in my mind.

Please tell me anything.
Please tell me any lie.
I can see through your lie.
I wanna break your faith now.

Why did you forget me?
Did you forget me?
Long days changed you surely.
I don't chase you.
Because I may not forgive you.
I can't cover you.
Go away.

Human's feeling is flowed like that cloud.
When a human holds a feeling of sorrow and joy, it is very slightly mind.
Could be you are cloud of nothingness.

Wind, rain, the sun will kill you.
Cause you are a cloud without feel now.
Now, you must change again.

Why did you forget yourself?
Don’t forget yesterday.
Too many hope to many hate.
Don’t forget yesterday.
Will I take a blood today?
Don’t forget yesterday.
You must destroy everything of you at once


from Killing the earth means our suicide, released April 11, 2007



all rights reserved


waterweed Osaka, Japan

waterweed is
Tomohiro Ohga / Bass, Vocals
Hiroshi Sakamoto / Guitar
Shigeo Matsubara / Drums

since 2003 Osaka Japan.

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